What is Grief?


What is a person's Grief?

Grief is a common feeling of human beings, characterized by a feeling caused by an unkind, disappointing and offending act on the part of others. It is a feeling that does not let us forget something bad someone did to us.

What is the difference between sadness and hurt?

A person who is hurt by someone feels sad because he has been offended, or humiliated, or deceived, no matter what harm has been done to him.

What is the difference between hurt and disappointment?

Disappointment is the consequence of waiting for someone to do something good for you and that person failed, thus generating hurt.

How long does the grief last?

Unlike other human feelings that are intense and fleeting, grief is an uncomfortable feeling that can last for a long time, in some cases even forever.

What does the Bible say about hurt?

Matthew 18:21-22: Then Peter approached Jesus and asked, "Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?" Jesus replied, "I say to you, Not up to seven, but up to seventy times seven."

The Bible says that resentment binds and causes a lot of suffering. We need to learn to let go of resentment, forgiving those who sin against us. Forgiveness frees you from resentment.

Resentment is holding a grudge against someone. Instead of forgiving and overcoming the pain, the person who is resentful continues to suffer from the negative feelings provoked by another person. Resentment makes life bitter and takes away joy (Job 5:2).

The Bible says that God forgives His children and does not resent forever. We all sin against God and He has every right to resent us forever but He chooses to offer us forgiveness (Psalm 103:8-10). Likewise, God wants to help us let go of resentment against other people.

Forgiving and letting go of resentment does not mean that nothing has gone wrong. No one has the right to sin against another person. Forgiving is not justifying sin. Letting go of resentment means stopping suffering, letting go of the desire to repay the other person's wrongdoing.

What symptom of grief?

When it is said that a certain person "holds grieft" in a situation or individual, it means that there is a mixture of feelings that varies between resentment, anger and sadness. Usually, the hurt is the result of a great disappointment.

How to cure grief?

If you, however, have some hurt from your neighbor, you must forgive him and also ask God's forgiveness for the error of having kept hurt from your brother, because if you do not forgive him, God will also not forgive you of yours sins. However, it is right to abandon the grief, because it belongs to the evil one, we cannot let anger or any kind of grief come to dominate us, because it is like the enemy taking care of us, causing us to distance ourselves from God, or he of us.

Not holding grudges is being obedient to God. Holding grudges is bad for your health, as anyone who holds grudges lives with a bitter heart, a lot of lack of happiness in life, living alone, and grudges can even cause problems related to depression, among other similar things.