What is addiction or dependency?


Condition of those who are dependent, of the person who is unable to disconnect from a habit, especially from an addiction; subjection: physical dependence.
For example: Compulsive use of medicines or drugs: chemical dependency.
State of who owes obedience to; in which there is submission; subordination.
Excessive need for assistance, help, protection: emotional dependence.
Connection or connection presented between things or phenomena; correlation.
What adds content to or completes the sense of; complement: syntactic dependence.
Division of a house (usually used in the plural); comfortable: it will be on my premises.

What does the Bible say about addiction?

"God's plan for our lives is for us to be dependent." And that is what we experience in our lives, from birth to old age, learning to depend on God and others.

Is this learning difficult for you? How do you feel in situations beyond your control? Or when help from others is indispensable? And when everything is fine, everything is working, everything is happening… in that moment do you remember that you are still dependent on the grace of God? Psalms 31:15.

In this Psalm, we find David distressed, going through difficult times, why not say that his life was being hit by a storm. Throughout the Psalm, we can extract rich lessons that will serve our daily lives. We cannot help but notice what this passage conveys to us; security, trust and above all to the experience of dependence upon God. What you could observe is that since the first verse, he reveals God to us as his stronghold, he also reveals David asking for assistance, help, crying for justice. Nor could you fail to note that he reveals the goodness and mercy of God. Trust, Faith and Repentance are the basis for achieving God's mercy. How is his life? Attributed by the persecutions? Disappointed with injustices? See what David wanted to tell us; have faith, trust, believe and become dependent on God.
Dear reader; when David said, my days are in Your hands, he meant that his life was given into the hands of God. Not unlike David, we are not immune to storms, problems and difficulties. Many concerns in our life come from, that is, it comes from satan, because he sows in the heart of man; hatred, envy and ambitions. These satanic attributes are already sufficient to disturb humanity. Where they cause anguish and sadness in the lives of many people. However, if someone is being persecuted or suffering from a similar problem, it will be in vain to persist in what we cannot solve, because it is just suffering more.

In the gospel of Luke (23:46); Jesus himself showed dependence on his father (the God who created the heavens and the earth), crucified on the cross he cried out with a loud voice, Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.
Now look at the life of Jonah, (1:3-7) after he tried to flee from the presence of God, so as not to do his job. What happened? The suffering was greater, now you find a man who tried to direct his own paths, that is, he was no longer in the direction of God, he was no longer dependent on God, on the contrary he was against God's hand. The Bible reports in the book of Jonah (2:2-9) that he himself appealed to God, in a cry from the belly of the great fish for God to deliver him from death. Note that to relate to God or rather to obtain something from God; how to escape; deliverance, refuge, help, miracles; finally victories. There has to be total submission to God, then comes the answer as a very present help.
How are you? How's your life? How is your altar? Do you really depend on God? If you depend on God, do not worry about persecution. God will confuse all his persecutors, those who persecute him, will deal with God Himself.

What is the danger if one person depends on the other (for example, husband's wife)?

When the object of dependency is the husband or wife, the person tends to live due to the relationship and the acts of his object of love, causing friction in the relationship.

The emotionally dependent person may experience feelings of fear, loneliness, anxiety, rejection, insecurity, lack of confidence and anguish. He or she tends to act in a controlling manner so that he does not "lose anyone around him".

Types of addiction?

Sexual addiction
The person affected by sexual addiction generally finds it difficult to expose his sexual activity and frequency due to guilt, shame, fear or regret.
The sexually dependent person is not only one who has sex several times in a row, but also one who constantly seeks new relationships with different partners, that obsessive thinking about sex disrupts their routine, uses sex as a way to vent their emotions (both positive and negative), does not feel pleasure in the sexual act and seeks a relationship after another to achieve pleasure, takes risky behavior in the name of pleasure and needs to maintain more and more relationships so that he feels the same intensity of pleasure. Great danger of AIDS.

Dependence on purchases
This can be considered one of the most complex ways of being characterized as addiction, as many people do not recognize their behavior as compulsive or dependent and their symptoms are socially accepted.
The taste for shopping becomes a compulsion when shopping trips are no longer planned, the person feels distressed when leaving the mall empty-handed, does not assess the real need for what he or she is going to buy and also does not calculate whether the price is compatible with your economic situation.
In this type of compulsion, a dangerous and harmful cycle can be initiated: with the excess of purchases, the person gets into debt that cannot be paid due to lack of money, when faced with this difficulty, the person feels distressed and goes shopping. To alleviate the anguish, further increasing its debt, which in the next month will result in greater distress and new purchases. Danger of robbing.

Food addiction
It is characterized by a strong and irresistible desire to consume a specific food specifically. The person uses a certain food, such as chocolate, to relieve tension, appease frustration or celebrate an achievement.
There are people who, when they stop smoking, substitute a cigarette for a candy; they cannot leave the house without a candy in their pockets and make use of them to vent the different emotions experienced during the day.

Addiction to games
It can be understood as the exaggerated habit of gambling, without the consequences being measured. There are people who bet everything they have in the hope of winning.
In fact, people addicted to games always believe that they will do better in the next game and bet more and more in search of the fulfillment of that desire. They are usually people who feel alone and needy.
Since 1992, addiction to games has been considered a psychiatric disorder by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Symptoms of emotional dependence