What is victory?


  1. Act or effect of winning, of triumphing over an enemy, competitor or antagonist; triumph.
    Success, triumph, success achieved.

What does the Bible say about victory?

"In all these things, however, we are more than conquerors through him that loved us" Rom 8:37.

The gospel of Jesus is a victorious gospel. The Bible says that God "always leads us in triumph" (2 Cor. 2:14); therefore we can say that the gospel is triumph - in final terms. The apostle John declared that everything born of God conquers the world; being born of God makes us partake of the divine nature, and God is a God of victory; we have. This is very clear in the Scriptures: We are called to win!

But the teachings concerning this have generated much controversy because our concept of victorious living is far removed from what the Bible presents. We fantasize too much, and we think we are going to be totally untouchable, but God's Word does not teach that. What she teaches, and promises, is victory. Victory always and in all circumstances. But we need to better understand WHAT IS victory to get rid of exaggerated triumphalism.

Winning is not about being unattainable, but about prevailing over the enemy. My purpose is for Christians to lose the expectation of a utopian victory and come to understand Biblical victory from God's point of view.

Romans 8:37, speaks of how we are more than conquerors; but the idea of ​​being more than a winner, is that we were not only winners, but we were on a much higher level; that is, if being a winner was already good, more than a winner was even better, more intense. One day, as meditating on this verse, the Holy Spirit made me understand it more fully.

Understanding that in the spiritual life there are no two levels of victory (the winner and the more than winner). More than winning means that, in addition to winning the battle, at the end of it we will be SOMETHING MORE!. This is because at the end of each battle we will not only be victors, but we will also have been treated by God in our soul!

Calling upon treatment the maturation that the Lord produces in our lives in the midst of trials and tribulations. Our character is perfected in the midst of adversity. This does not mean that growth only comes this way. There are many ways to grow spiritually: involvement with the Word of God; teaching and ministering to the more mature; our personal prayer life and the responses and experiences that flow from it. There is so much that can be mentioned! But when talking about treatment, referring to God's way of dealing with the difficult areas of our lives, especially those where we do not want to let ourselves be worked on and deeply changed.

The context of the claim that we are more than winners shows us this. The verse begins by saying, "BUT IN ALL THESE THINGS". The word "but" reveals that no matter what was mentioned before, the victory belongs to us and it will come to us. And the phrase "in all these things" shows that not only will victory come, but under what conditions it will come. What are all these things that Paul refers to? Here is the answer according to verse 35: persecution, famine, nakedness, danger, sword. This does not seem like a gospel where the believer is untouchable! However, it is not the way we should live either, but something that, occasionally and temporarily, we may be subjected to. The tribulation picture will certainly be changed, for IN THESE THINGS we are more than conquerors! God did not call us to live in them, but He also never said that they had no chance of happening. It guarantees, rather, that, trusting in Him, we will come out victors under these circumstances, victors and improved, matured.