What is Liberation?


Liberation is the action or effect of setting oneself free; release.

What does psychology say about Liberation?

Liberation psychology emerged in Latin America in the 1980s. It is a critical psychology that focuses on action, taking sides with the oppressed populations of the continent.

What does the Bible say about Deliverance?

The Bible says that deliverance is a very important part of Christ's ministry in every person's life. Jesus delivers you from condemnation, sin and the devil's influence. Only in Jesus' deliverance do we find true freedom (John 8:36).

The Bible talks about many types of deliverance: deliverance from slavery and the oppression of other peoples, spiritual (demonic) deliverance, and deliverance from physical illness. Deliverance is a central theme of the Bible. Oppression arose as a result of the curse of sin in the world. Liberation comes from God.

What is spiritual liberation

Just as a person can be oppressed and enslaved by another person, he can also be enslaved by sin and, consequently, by the forces of the devil (John 8:34). Sin makes us slaves of the devil. We cannot free ourselves (Romans 7:18-20). We need someone stronger than us. We need Jesus.

Jesus came to free us from the enemy's oppression. On the cross, He conquered sin, death and the devil! Now, whoever accepts Jesus as Savior is free!

Through Jesus, we are freed from the condemnation of sin (Romans 8:1-2). We will no longer be punished in hell, along with the devil! We have the promise of eternal life, with Jesus in Heaven. We are no longer slaves of the devil, he has no right over our lives. But, even so, we need to fight against sin and the influence of the devil.

While we are still living on this earth, we will face temptations, which can cause many problems in our spiritual life. When we discover that we are trapped in sin or the devil's influence in some area of ​​our lives, we must look for the deliverance that Jesus offers.

What is the difference between freedom and debauchery?

Freedom is a broad concept relating to possibilities of choice, autonomy and the right to self-determination, limited by respect for the freedom of other people. Debauchery, on the other hand, is understood as an extrapolation of the limits of freedom, alien to the rules and without moderation.

Debauchery is a pejorative word, related to debauchery, freedom without moderation and without commitment to others.