What is Leadership?


Leading is leading people. That is, knowing how to attract them, inspire them and influence behaviors that attract good results. Usually, the concept of leadership is associated with positions of authority, with people who exercise formal leadership. But, in practice, a leader can be a person who stands out in an informal way, a reference within a group that motivates and serves as an example for others.

What types of leadership?

What does the Bible say about Leadership?

God Himself calls us to leadership

God is the supreme leader and he calls every Christian to lead others. He could have organized His creation in different ways. He chose to create the human being, who has the spirit and ability to relate to Him, although they are not forced to. When human beings fell into sin, God could easily have carried out a plan of redemption that did not include sinful people in the process. But, He called us to participate and lead others, just as we followed Him. He makes this clear from the beginning: "Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness; let him have dominion…" Gen. 1:16
I sincerely believe that everything starts and ends in the lead. By that I mean that, more than anything else, the leadership of any group or organization will determine its success or failure. You can often see the impact of leadership in the Bible. In ancient Israel, when God's people had a good king, everything went well with the nation. When the people had a bad king, things went bad for everyone. This is why the Scriptures teach that, without a vision, the people perish (see Prov. 29:18).
The call to leadership is a constant pattern in the Bible. When God decided to build a nation for Himself, he did not call the masses. He called a leader: Abraham. When He wanted to free His people from Egypt, He did not lead them as a group. He raised up a leader to do this: Moses. When the time came to enter the Promised Land, the people followed a man: Joshua. Whenever God wanted to do something great, He called a leader to take the lead. Even today He calls leaders to lead the execution of every great work.

What are the characteristics of a good leader?

Therefore, there are some characteristics that a good leader must possess (and exercise constantly). So get to know some of them: