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Judges 1:7

Judges 1:7

The inescapable law of planting and harvesting is vividly illustrated in verses 4 through 7.

Just as I did, so God paid me, it was Adoni-Bezeque's recognition that "whatever a man sows, he will also reap" (Gal 6:7).

Adoni-Bezeque planted brutality - amputating the thumbs of his hands and toes incapacitated man to war in the old ways. He could shot an arrow, not hold the gun and he could not run.

He harvested more than he planted, because his harvest brought him premature death, while his victims remained alive.

His conscience and an innate sense of impartiality testified to the justice of his destiny.


Judges 2:11

Judges 2:11

Baalism was a religion of nature. His emphasis was on fertility. This devilish cult probably originated from the false idea that a supernatural being is responsible for the productivity of every piece of land and domestic animals. Baal was a Semitic deity well known in ancient Egypt. He was the guardian God of the Phoenicians. It has been worshiped in Moab since the days of Balak (Num 22:41). Among the Philistines, he was known as baal-zebube, "lord of the flies" (2 Kings 1:2). In Chaldea he was considered the governor of heaven.

This worship was associated with various lewd acts (1 Kings 14:24), kissing the image of baal (Hosea 13:2) and making human sacrifices, parents who sacrificed their own children as burnt offerings (Jer 19:5). It is possible that for all these ancient idolaters the term baal meant sun.

Astarote- sometimes spelled in the plural, was probably the deification of the planet Venus. Astarte, another name for astarote, is the ancient Semitic goddess of love, fertility, and motherhood. His worship included prostitution as a religious ritual.

It is not surprising that God's anger has been kindled against Hhis people. He removed the wall of His protection (Job 1:10; Zech 2:5) and allowed neighboring nations to plunder Israel. God became their enemy and caused them to be defeated in battle. Every time they went out to march against the enemy the hand of the Lord was against them to harm him. Let everyone who forgets God pay attention! WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR HEAR! (Mt 11:15). Whoever chooses to live in sin will find God's hand against him or her and will be left behind at the Rapture of the Church.

Judges 2:22

Judges 2:22
  • The Lord tested Israel's loyalty through invasions and temptations from other nations.
  • Faith sees beyond temptations and obstacles, knowing that God is sovereign over all this and uses difficulties to mold and strengthen us for future battles.
  • Faith also has God present, who provides the necessary answers and meets current needs.
  1. In adversity and opposition, BELIEVE that God will use them to train you in obedience and to STRENGTHEN YOU in spiritual struggle.
  2. FAITH IN GOD HONORS YOU! The end result is that you will receive what He intends for you Judges 4:9
  • God bless you!
    Reminding you: GOD NEVER ABANDONS US!

Judges 6:34

Judges 6:34

But the Spirit of the LORD took possession of Gideon; and he sounded the trumpet, and the Abiezrites were called out to follow him (Judges 6:34).

Believe that God strengthens those whom He calls and commissions. Trust the promise of His permanent presence.

Judges 7:7

Judges 7:7

And the Lord said to Gideon, With these three hundred men that lapped the water I will deliver you, and I will give the Midianites into your hand; but as for the rest of the people, let them all return to their place (Judges 7:7).

The reduction of the troops demonstrated the POWER of God to save Israel and brought Him glory. It also challenged Gideon and encouraged Israel to trust in Him.

God's spiritual victory does NOT depend on natural strengths or abilities.

God keeps using weak people with weapons or seemingly "foolish" plans to lead us through victory!!!

Judges 9:8

Judges 9:8

This fable also has applications for today's groups of life.

Politics has gained the bad reputation, it has largely because of the reluctance of people capable - but busy - to take an interest in the affairs of the community or the nation.

In the church, many are capable but are not willing to accept positions of responsibility which, as a result, are often given to those who are willing, but are less trained.

Christians can pay a high price for the community's indifference to ecclesiastical affairs. Sometimes a critic's words apply particularly to the community: "The saints sit in their ivory towers while busy sinners rule the world".

Sometimes pastors are a scandal, with criminal activity and a disgrace to the Christian faith. As a result, outsiders and believers turn away from the faith. However, the Christian faith is essentially Jesus Christ and NOT the spiritual leader of the church or believer. The point is that man is a sinner and his/her destiny is eternal separation from God and God's punishment awaits him/her.

Judges 14:3

Judges 14:3


Already grown up and almost in adulthood, Samson went down to Timna and fell in love with a Philistine. When he returned home, he shocked his parents (same reaction as Isaque and Rebeca in the face of Esau's weddings, Gen. 26:34,35; 27:46), when he announced: “I saw a woman in Timna that I would like to marry. Usually it were the Hebrew parents who chose brides for their children (Gen. 24:1-3; 28:12,2; 38:6). Samson made his own foolish desobedient choice.

Marriage was contrary to the Mosaic law (Ex 34:16; Deut 7:3). Many children fail to enjoy the wisdom of their parents in order to taste the bitter fruit of their own stubborn choices.
A Christian must always marry someone who identifies with him the same faith (2 Cor. 6:14). IT IS POSSIBLE THAT SOME, INNOCENTLY, THINK THAT THEY CAN FIND HAPPINESS EVEN WHEN THEY DISPUTE THIS DIVINE LAW. Let such people ponder the sad examples seen today.

Any marriage based purely on physical attraction is destined not to last "until death do you part." No os juntéis en yugo con los incrédulos (2 Cor. 6:14), does not receive a blessing from God.