Gender ideology - Sermon Wilfred


Genero or Gender ideology

Gender ideology is denying the differences between men and women based on biologic structure. Instead, its thinking proposes that these differences are the fruit of a social and cultural construction. It alleges that society and culture impose their respective roles on men and women, none of which corresponds to natural differences between the sexes. It allows all sex, between the same sex, transsexuals, bisexuals and with animals. It is against marriage. One has the right, or the parent has the right, to chose the sex, and sex alteration are allowed. It denies absolutely the creation of man and woman by God, the Creator.
In various countries, like Sweden, this teaching is obligatory since nursery school. Parents, who who contradict this at home, are removed out of their parenthood. The president of Brazil forbad this teaching, but was overruled by the high tribunal.

Is Genero Ideology Innocent?

It is not innocent ideology as boys playing with dolls and girls playing with cars, as dressing boys with skirts. For Deuteronomy 22:5 says clearly:

A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.

So that is already against the Will of God. But what is more not innocent? The fact that already at the age of 6-7 years in the school the children must remove their clothes and boys and girls are ordered to feel (fumble) each other's genitals. On that age, that is much too young! Also is taught that sexual relations with adult (pedophilia) and animals is not abnormal.

Gender ideology denies Biology

It is denying the FACT that there are ONLY two chromosomes: X and Y. At fertilization of X and X chromosomes a girl will be born. At fertilization of X and Y chromosomes a boy will be born. That is a BIOLOGICAL FACT. With this difference the girl grows woman genitals and woman hormones. The boy grows man genitals and man hormones.

Consequences of sex alteration

The consequences of sex alteration are great. With the boy/man the penis is removed and by operation a vagina is made. However there is only artificial. Never a child can be born, because there are no female genitals. With the girl/woman the vagina and female parts are removed and a penis is given. However this penis does not have a natural erection. The erection is by a pump. Also no ejaculation, because there no man genitals to produce seeds.
Unfortunately a parent is allowed to let this operation take place at their child. Worse case was whereby the father refused and the mother insisted by court. And the court allowed. The child (from 4 years onwards) has no knowledge what is happening.
Strong medicines and hormones are necessary to keep the sex alteration, some with several diseases. Since no ovaries are present with the male, heavy female hormons must be taken the rest of the life. Since no seed balls are present at the woman, heavy masculine hormons must be taken the rest of the life. Not always it success in giving the required voice changes. If they are already started when the sex change is done before puberty, it also has consequence in becoming adult.
Needless to say that the consequence is that they will never have children of their own.
Many at adult do not like their sex change and revers it. But the damage is done and no children can be gotten, nor a normal sex life.

Dangers of the gender ideology

When adult there is no acceptance of the sex change. There sex life is destroyed. Many refuge in alcohol and drugs. But worse of all, they are not able to cope and commit suicide. Some have their sex altered to their original sex. But a normal sex life is impossible, the sex organs are removed and the penis has to be pumped to be erected. Having children is only possible by adoption.

What is Gender ideology all about? and its consequences?