Sermon 13 Wilfred - The corona virus

Is this panic for the corona virus necessary?

The corona virus kills less people than in traffic.
Shops and churches are closing their doors. Stock markets are falling. Supermarkets without food. Why this panic? This virus kills fewer people per day than are killed in traffic and other (mortal) diseases. Clearly this is a first attack by satan because he wishes the power in the world and to reign. We are living in the final time, as I already said, it is possible that the Rapture of the Church will happen next year. And with that begins the time of the Great Tribulation. Satan needs a big fall in the stock exchanges, a big panic to gain the power in the world and gain control of the world. Nowadays people are already in a panic because of this corona virus, which is mainly aimed at older people over 75 years old (satan wants to get rid of pension payments). The corona virus is falsely blamed for the deaths of people who already have cancer or mortal diseases or diabetes, because normal flu also kills these people. It is very wrong that churches close their doors because just at that time, they need to open the doors 24 hours so people can receive help in the church, and understand who (satan) is behind this virus. Satan wins when churches close their doors because it prevents believers from taking the Holy Supper, the remembrance of Jesus Christ, which satan hates. Thus churches that close give the control to satan. Only people with symptoms or have the virus need to stay inside their homes and watching the service on the Internet or television. And celebrate the Holy Supper at home in the correct way (watch my sermon 7).


Now is the time for believers to pray

Cry out to God to end this corona virus and falls of stock markets. That is the obligation of every believer to pray with perseverance, many times a day wherever you are, and does not give way to satan and demons.
Now is the time for believers to pray, call on God to put an end to this corona virus. This is every believer's obligation to pray with endurance many times a day, wherever you are, that God sends His angels to break this virus of satan. Those who locked into their home, these Christians should pray 1-4 hours a day (watch my sermon 11), study the Bible on the Internet, many Bible commentaries and on my website are available, improve life your spiritual and relation with God and if you not yet (watch my sermon 2) belong among the wise virgins and have giving your life under the control of the Holy Spirit so that you will join the Rapture of the Church. And if you decided belonging to the foolish virgins and remain on earth and go through the Great Tribulation, remember this corona virus is a foretaste of the terrible things which are going to happen in the Great Tribulation.