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Russia performed an autopsy on a Covid-19 patient, an amazing discovery was made!

Russia was the first country in the world to perform a post mortem autopsy (post mortem) on a Covid-19 corpse and, after careful examination, discovered that Covid-19 did not exist as a virus.
This is a global illusion. People are dying from "increased 5G electromagnetic radiation".
Doctors in Russia have violated the World Health Organization (WHO) law that over time does not allow autopsies on the bodies of people who have died from Covid-19, cannot assume that it is a virus, but a bacterium, which leads to the death, causes blood clots in veins and nerves, causing the patient to die from this bacteria.
Russia beat the virus, saying, "It is nothing but fellium intravascular coagulation (thrombosis) and the treatment method is curative."
* Antibiotic tablets
* Anti-inflammatory and
* Take anticoagulants (aspirin).
This, in turn, shows that it is possible to cure the disease, this sensational news to the world was created by Russian doctors with an autopsy of the covid-19 virus.
According to other Russian scientists, ventilators and an intensive care unit (ICU) were never needed.
Protocols on this effect have already been published in Russia.
China already knew this, but never published its report.
It is not a virus, it is just a bacteria exposed to 5G radiation, the cause is injury in people with very low immunity.
This radiation also causes inflammation and hypoxia.
Victims should receive Asprin 100 mg and Apronic or Paracetamol 650 mg.
COVID-19 has been shown to cause blood clotting, which causes thrombosis in humans and causes blood to clot in the veins.
Source: Russian Ministry of Health

This should NEVER be applied on your own and ONLY under medical supervision. A high dose of Paracetemol can lead to death because of too high a blood thinning. This is also NOT a preventive treatment. This information is for informational purposes only and IF one wishes to follow it, this MUST be discussed with the doctor. Above all, do not forget PRAYER.