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Matthew 14:31

Matthew 14:31

This is a unique episode, found only in Matthew. Peter was so intrigued to see Jesus walking on the water that he said, Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you over the water. This phrase is in keeping with Peter's impulsive nature.

Confidently, Peter responded to the invitation of the master: COME, and began to walk on water.

Apparently, he had almost reached Christ before he lost his faith. But feeling the strong wind, more precisely the effects, he was frightened. Starting to go to the bottom - that energetic compound verb means "to sink into the deep sea" - he cried out, Lord, save me.

Immediately, Jesus reached out, and took hold of him - It seemed that Peter's faith was quite great as he got out of the boat and stepped into the water. But, it must have been mixed in with some smugness. That is us, we have enough faith to start a mission, but at the first signs of trouble, we panic. We forget that the same God who authorized us to go does not abandon us and is always ready to help us.