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1 Corinthians 7:10-11

1 Corinthians 7:10-11

Divorce was a free and easy matter in Corinth, as in all cities under Roman rule. The Roman legal system gave both parties the right to take the initiative to dissolve the marriage. Jewish law also permitted a man to give his wife a bill of divorce for insignificant reasons.

When dealing with marriages between Christians, Paul can speak with authority: HOWEVER, I ORDINATE THE MARRIED, NOT I, BUT THE LORD. In essence, it conveys a commandment given by the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul seems to have in mind Jesus' words in Matthew 5:32; 19:9; Mark 10:11; and Luke 16:18. These commandments of Jesus, repeated by Paul, simply state that Christians should remain loyal to their marriage vows, and remain together as husband and wife.

As said in a meme on the internet by a man from the countryside who says that he is now a believer but that it is very difficult, without doing many things yourself, but you still run the risk for one reason or another of going to hell. It is funny the way he talks ... but it has a kernel of truth... when a marriage goes through certain crises, there is no understanding, disagreement is inevitable ... look ... not everyone has that love for Christ to resist, and give up their will … and trying to negotiate … it gets difficult … and there is a strong desire to say: "It does not work, it is better for everyone to go their own way" … and many people act like that … many times the pastor will give advice and people are worried so much anger, such a hard heart that there is no arguing. But you have to seek God... if you are sincere with the Lord, is it difficult for God not to act... do not argue with others! Seek God, cry out to the Lord, pour out your heart... There are countless testimonies where, humanly, that marriage was no longer viable. But through the cry of one of the spouses the Lord did… God re-united.