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Child adoption by the BEM

How to adopt financially a child? For 60 Euro/dollar (or less) per month, you are able to adopt a child via the BEM. For this amount you adopt a child in the semi-internate. The child receives three meals a day in which all necessary vitamins are present (a.o. milk, rice, potatoes and vegetables). In the morning, a group of children goes to school, while the other group receives assistance in making their home work. In the afternoon, the groups change. Also the children receive Christian education and teaching of the love of Jesus Christ.
The parents are able to work, because the children are from 7.00 hours to 17.00 hours at the semi-internate.
There are also plantations where the parents can grow rice, potatoes, vegetables and coffee so to provide in their daily living.
The BEM works already 50 years in Minas Gerais, Brazil, since then many children are rescued from poverty and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. They are guided on a new road. Some attended the Evangelical Bible School of the BEM and are now Pastor or evangelist. Others do social work, are a lawyer or help in another way.

There are (English) adoptive parents who adopt one or more children. While another child in the semi-internate is adopted by 2-5 adoptive parents. The cost of child adoption increased enormously in recent years, because of the rising food prices and minimum wage in Brazil. Took a few years ago, a kilo feijão (kind of brown bean, the almost daily food of the poor) still 3 reais, now a kilo costs 7 reais (about 2 Euros/dollars) with peaks of 11 reais. A bag of brown bread has increased from 3 reais to 7 reais=2 Euro/dollars (similar to a bag of brown bread of 1 Euro at Albert Heijn). We have two children and do not live in luxury, yet monthly we spend about 1400 reais only for food. A minimum wage is 937 reais=282 Euro/dollars (2017) in Brazil. Therefore, both parents work to need. And that is why your support is needed very much.

Once a year on request, the BEM send you a photo of your adopted child and informs you about his/her situation. On his or her birthday, you can send a birthday present. If you like, the BEM can advise you about theneeds of the child and how to send.
It is possible for you to visit your adopted child, but remember that Brazilian children and the workers only speak Brazilian Portuguese. Before visiting your child, they appreciate when you inform them first. If necessary, provide you with the information which best way to travel and send you the address.

The BEM has (almost 700 children at the) semi-internates among others in:

Carmêsia in Minas GeraisEuxentia in Minas Gerais
MaterlândiaRio Vermelho
Materlândia in Minas GeraisRio Vermelhoa in Minas Gerais
SabinópolisSenhora do Porto
Sabinópolis in Minas GeraisSenhora do Porto in Minas Gerais

Furthermore, the BEM in Minas Gerais has a children's shelter, subsidized by the Government in Brazil. Here are children whose parents have been removed from their parental authority by the judge. For example, the parents are drug addicts or alcoholic, or because of domestic violence. Also orphans of parents who have died as a result of drug or alcohol addiction.

At the moment, EZBB does not yet take care of children. We support the work of the BEM which works in the province Minas Gerais (Sabinopólis, Materlandia, Rio Vermelho, etc.), Brazil.

For this adoption program, you can consult: St. Evangelische Zending Brazilië, Postbus 1, 9500 AA Stadskanaal. Tel.: 0222-365896.
Email: adoption of a child.

ADOPT a child - EZI - Brazil

Related is the Evangelical Mission Itaparica (EZI) which works on the island of Itaparica in front of the city Salvador (province of Bahia, Brazil). Here is also a semi-boarding school for children. Also here is the program of child adoption. See organization EZI.